Artist Series: Christina Baker

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Next up on the Otomi Home Artist Series I am thrilled to feature Christina Baker! I was first introduced to Christina through a friend on instagram and instantly knew I would love to feature her work on my blog. Her colorful abstract works are vibrant yet calming and look gorgeous in a variety of home decors. Here is Christina’s interview…

How did you become an artist? What was your training?
I started creating as a very young child. My favorite memory was making my own paper dolls out of clothing catalogs. Though I had an obsession with crayons, glue and scissors, drawing and painting became my true art love. My first medium was watercolors as my grandmother was a watercolor artist. She taught me how to paint old country shacks and wild flowers. It wasn’t until I was much older that I began to focus on abstracts. 

christina baker paper flowers

What are you working on right now?
I’m about to start my second body of work of the year. Seeing that spring is approaching, I’ll be working in warmer colors such as corals and pinks. I’ve also began experimenting with abstracts in watercolor which is very new to me. I’m loving the minimal feel I’ve been able to create with watercolors as I find that a bit more challenging for me to achieve in my acrylic pieces. I’m hoping some of what I learn by painting abstracts in watercolor will carry over to my larger acrylic work.

Where do you do your work from?
I currently have a home studio and absolutely love it. During stressful deadlines I find it very therapeutic to bake, mostly cupcakes, or cook a nice meal. It gives me an opportunity to keep my creative juices flowing yet take a break from painting. I think it’s so important to step away from your work and re-group. Cooking as well as Art Yoga’s (little 5×5 minis on paper) work magic for me. 


Who or what is inspiring you right now?
So many things inspire my work; current events, color, the weather, relationships. It’s honestly an ever changing kaleidoscope for me. I think my most recent body of work was inspired by the winter that has lingered a bit longer than most of us wished – hence so many moody blues and whites. I’m longing for warmth and returning outdoors so I do see my next series having much more color playing off of my love for neutrals. 

christina_baker_studio christina_baker_paint

What are you the most proud of?
I think what makes me most proud, is that regardless of all that comes my way, both in my personal life as well as my art career, I have genuinely remained humble and open to growth. I still have so much more to learn as an artist, a mother, a wife and a friend and I honestly doubt that will ever change, even when I’m 80 years old. 

What is your most prized piece of art in your home? What is the story behind it? 
My youngest daughter wrote me a letter when she was a senior in high school. It was a true love letter. One of tears and of laughter. She placed it in a beautiful ornate frame that I usually would not have selected but because it came from her, it has by far become my most treasured work of art in my home. 

christina baker inner refelctions

Thank you so much to Christina for the interview! You can find more of Christina Baker’s work on her website, instagram, and Facebook.

(All photos courtesy of Christina Baker)

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