Artist Series: Jane Denton

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I’m a massive fan of Jane Denton’s embroidery artwork. I first found her on instagram & was instantly drawn to her beautiful, vibrant, colorful artwork. Then I started seeing Jane’s work popping up everywhere in images of beautiful, well designed homes (including Emily Henderson’s house), and I knew I had to interview her for the blog. Jane, who is from New Zealand, is such a lovely and warm person, and such an amazingly talented artist. I’m thrilled to have her on the blog today as part of the Artist Series…

jane denton

How did you become an artist? What was your training?
In my early twenties I made beaded jewellery that was so popular with my friends it became my first business. I also did a one year Art & Creativity course through The Learning Connexion which I particularly enjoyed as it focused on creativity rather than rules and techniques.
Later, after living in Australia we came back to NZ and bought our first home. I couldn’t find any art in our price range that I loved so I set out to make some. I set up a space to create something myself but at the time I didn’t actually know what I was going to make.
One day I found some old wool I’d kept from years before from a Jennifer Pudney cross stitch kit and I adored the colours. Around the same time I was driving through Wellington (down Vivian Street) and saw a wire fence where people had wound wool around parts of the fence in different shapes. And I guess that’s where it all began. I came home, got the wool out and started stitching onto linen, the same long stitches I’d just seen on the fence.
Again, they were popular with my friends so I approached the most beautiful store in Wellington, Small Acorns who agreed to stock my work, I set up my website and it quickly grew from there.


What are you working on right now?
I’m a little snowed under with orders and commissions at the moment which takes up all of my time during the week. However, over the last few weekends I’ve been working on some new work where I’m using a slightly different thread and fabric. I’m super excited about this as the range of colours and tones are amazing!!

Where do you do your work from?
I work from home – my wee dog Maggie and I usually find the sunniest spot to sit and stitch in. Working from home has worked really well for our young family, but now that our children are at school I’d love to work from a studio/space with other like minded people.

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Who or what is inspiring you right now?
I’m loving Instagram – such a great way to stay connected and inspired by other creatives from all over the world. 

What are you the most proud of?
With regard to my art, I’m really proud that I’m able to do this for a living!! I think being an artist can be tough but for me it was never an option to give up because I felt like I couldn’t not do it. I love what I do and my hope is that my art will bring joy to people through it’s colour and form.

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What is your most prized piece of art in your home? What is the story behind it?
I’d have to say my childrens art are the most precious pieces in our home. I love their drawings and painitngs – at 5 and 7 years old they are still so naturally fluid in their creativity. Their artwork is hung all round our home and is forever changing.

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Thank you so much Jane for a FANTASTIC interview! You can find more of Jane’s work on her website and you have to check out her instagram page too.

(all photos courtesy of Jane Denton)

  • oh I love these!! I saw them on Emily Henderson’s blog and didn’t actually know who the artist is..

    awesome interview!

    • thanks for stopping by!!! her work is so beautiful, i love it too!!!