My House Reno – An Introduction

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we are lucky enough to start renovating our house  later this year. We are growing out of our little 1300 square foot bungalow and will be adding a second story addition. When we first moved into this house, it seemed like a mansion to us! It had TWO bathrooms! And TWO bedrooms! And a backyard! But over the years, we’ve been dreaming of a little bit more space, storage, and functionality and this addition will hopefully do that for us.

Like so many designers out there, I think I might be my “own worst client.” I genuinely enjoy and design into so many different aesthetics, how am I ever going to decide for my own space?!!!?! And talk about changing my mind… I think I’ve already done that once or twice on the aesthetic for our new home.

black front doorA gorgeous modern entry by Designer Alanna Smit

suzani ottoman
Another inspiration photo from Alanna Smit. White sofas can be family friendly if they are slipcovered!

For the interior, my husband and I have also been craving a more modern approach to design and decor and will be infusing some contemporary ideas into the space. We want it to be light, bright, and easy to live in. Our one must-have are wide plank oak floors. They will open up the space and make it feel a little beachy and very california. I’ll be blogging about that soon, but we’ve found a pretty affordable option and are super stoked!

I am planning on making the space feel beachy, airy, modern, and family friendly. I think airy and modern without the ‘beachy’ just isn’t me. I love to incorporate rattan and natural materials that feel coastal and casual. But ‘beachy’ without the airy and modern feels too nantucket and that doesn’t feel right for our particular home either. So mixing all those words together feels just right!

neutral beach living roomSerena and Lily’s Coastal Modern Living Room – a little too neutral for our home, but I love the mixture of natural materials with hits of black with light fixtures and metal beams

myhouserenovationinspiration1This bedroom by Vanessa Alexander of Alexander Design feels casual, contemporary, and peaceful. I love the hints of blue and natural vintage rug.

We are so lucky to be in the position to renovate, but costs add up quickly and we are going to have to make plenty of budget-friendly decisions along the way. As a designer, staying within a client’s budget is always top of mind, but somehow its proving to be harder on my own space! My eyes are bigger than my wallet. And I have to remind myself that is totally ok… sometimes the best design solutions are the simplest and cheapest.

pale blue doorI love the idea of incorporating painted doors as a high impact low cost design element. These ones via Paddo To Palmy are a great example.

I know I haven’t been keeping up the blog that much in the last few months. I am trying to find that happy balance between being a designer and a blogger and really trying to add value to the web with new and original content. But I’ve decided to blog about my own house renovation, at the very least, if only just for myself, and I hope you’ll continue follow along!