One Room Challenge – Powder Room!

I’ve been following the One Room Challenge for years… and this year I’m so excited to dive in with my own project! Do you know about the One Room Challenge? Bloggers and Designers have 6 weeks to design and implement their design in one room. It sounds so simple and effortless, but completing a design in a small amount of time can seem almost impossible!

So… after thinking about re-doing my mom’s powder room for, you know, the past two years, I thought the One Room Challenge would be the perfect time to finally make it happen!

Let’s take a look at the current bathroom… actually, just kidding, I deleted the ‘before’ photos accidentally!!! So let’s take a look and see where we are at today…

before one room challengeThis is the space, with the floor tile, vanity, and toilet removed earlier this week.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.00.37 PMThis was the former floor tile that had to go to make room for something lighter and more modern.

before one room challengeAnd this was what the vanity looked like before, except half the size.

Although this little powder room used to function fine, the space always felt unfinished and out of place. When my Mom moved into this place a few years ago, it was almost completely redone, except for this little powder room.

Here are a few things ‘on the list’ after speaking with my mom:
– we are going to completely redo the space, (floors, walls, and lighting); but keep the layout as is to save on unnecessary plumbing costs
– we wanted to create a more modern space but still keep in the same style as the apartment. It used to be french country-ish and now it’s more transitional. It still has a lot of moulding work which has since been painted white. So we need to keep some elements of tradition in the space.
– my mom has a strict no-herringbone-pattern-on-the-floor policy. (what?!)
– wallpaper is a must
– lacking natural light

And as you can see, we have no lack of inspiration for transforming the space! Check out some of my favorite inspiration images for this project. And stay tuned next week for progress and more!

one room challenge powder room inspiration 1I love the simple wallpaper and interesting mirror

one room challenge powder room inspiration 3This modern wood vanity and white marble is gorgeous!

one room challenge powder room inspiration 4I’ve always loved this tile with a subtle pattern on the wall. I love how this space feels traditional and modern at the same time.

one room challenge powder room inspiration 2And of course, this simple vanity with a timeless wallpaper is stunning.

one room challengeNow go check out all the other great participants who are doing the One Room Challenge!