One Room Challenge – Week 4

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is already here. As a reminder, here is the mood board I put together for my mom’s powder room…

One Room Challenge Powder Room Inspiration Board

I can’t promise that this particular post will be exciting. Its one of those weeks where you wait for all of your products to arrive… and wait and wait… call 15 million wallpaper hangers who won’t call back because they are so busy… and freak out that you won’t be able to find a wallpaper hanger on time to complete the challenge! My go-to wallpaper hanger is booked until the end of June! But, I *think* I found someone who can fit this small wallpaper job into his schedule.

We also moved out of our own house this week, so we are now staying/living at my mom’s until our renovation is complete.

As you know from last week’s post, I was waffling whether or not I liked the grain on the vanity for the space, but once its as actually here and not in a dusty shop, I think it looks so much better! So I think we might leave it as-is for the time being and can always switch it out later.


What did happen this week is the vanity was fitted by my lovely cabinet-maker husband and his trusty side-kick who has his very own ‘tool boz’. He also installed the counter sub-top, and the sink cutout was made. Riveting, I know (are you still reading?) ;-)

I haven’t ordered the hardware yet for the vanity. I was thinking of doing some simple modern bar pulls, and here are my final options… opinions are welcome as always!!!!

modern bar pulls1. Rejuvenation Canfield Drawer Pull
2. Rejuvenation Sommerville Drawer Pull
3. School House Electric Midvale Pull
4. Restoration Hardware Modern Pull

So we’re coming together and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this all done in the remaining 2 weeks.

Here is my final to-do list:
– order vanity hardware
– wallpaper install
– Final vanity installation
– coordinate countertop measurement and select a remnant from the stone yard
– get countertop fabricated and installed
– schedule handyman to install toilet, light fixtures, and faucet
– accessorize and photograph!

Now go check out all the other amazing participants here!

  • CallingitHome

    Did you want your pictures sideways? It looks like you are making great progress.

    • thanks for taking a look!!! oh no – photos are supposed to be right way up (which are on the desktop but not on mobile). thanks for letting me know, although I don’t know how to fix it! must be because i wrote this at 6am in the morning ;-)

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